About the Subjects

Emery Smith is what you could consider the “Real life Captain America” — a true veteran, scientist, and explorer with a history that reads like a science fiction novel, despite it being steeped in truth. He is most known throughout the world and scientific community as the military-grade go-to for anything other-worldly.

His partner, Olivia Skye, contrarily, is the “Real life Lara Croft” . As a remote viewer / explorer, the two of them together are single-handedly tapped whenever the world’s biggest mysteries need to be solved. Together, they discover and share the unusual truth about our existence.

About the Documentary

As subjects and hosts of this compelling documentary experience, Emery and Olivia journey the globe in search of the elusive secrets of the ET phenomena and its impact on humanity and our origins.

The Purpose

Creating a truly unrestricted and challenging documentary filled with mystery, wonder
and transparent eye-opening disclosure is the main objective that will expand our consciousness, engage us and propel us forward towards a more informed future. With an audience insatiated for this content, it’s the perfect time to set the record straight.