ZERO CROSS STUDIOS specializes in exploring ultramodern material yet to surface in the mainstream experience.

OUR MISSION is to engage our audience with content that pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking.

OUR VISION is a guide for the audience into the profoundly unfamiliar.





Today, Emery is currently developing new devices and protocols to help facilitate a more ethical surgical diagnosis; this will stop the unnecessary medical treatments being used only as a cash cow and not for actual medical necessity. You will also find him publicly speaking about his experiences in hopes of further educating the public on the truth of these classified projects in an effort to spread awareness and potentially bring out the many suppressed technologies for the world’s benefit. In short, Emery is a scientist, inventor and a humanitarian looking to join forces with like minds to cure the planet of planeticide.

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Shan Visus is a conscious Multimedia Specialist.  Shan’s intention is to engage humanity to co-create an abundant vision of the world. Thus, Shan conveys illuminating stories of our modern experience using various multi-media platforms to inspire mass collective action towards an emergent existence.



Alejandro’s main focus is to balance an artistic and a business career along the path towards truth-seeking and self-realization. He is a performing artist classically trained in a conservatory for theatrical arts with experience on both stage and backstage production. While in LA, he applied that knowledge and experience in the film industry where he also performs in front of the camera in addition to performing production duties. He seeks to unify his interests and efforts towards creating artistic and spiritually uplifting content.